KnowWE is a Semantic Wiki for the development of knowledge-based applications.

!!! Examples and Documentation

* Take a quick demo by visiting the [car faults diagnosis demo|Demo - Main - Car Diagnosis]: This knowledge base uses scoring rules to derive the particular fault of a car.
* For graphical knowledge modeling you may have a look at the [BMI Demo | Body-Mass-Index]: It is a small knowledge base calculating the [Demo Body-Mass-Index | Body-Mass-Index] by using DiaFlux models.
* The commercial plugin TimeDB supports temporal reasoning; have a look at the small [temperature progression demo | Demo - Temperature].
* Ontology Demo: [Demo - Simpsons]
* Browse the [documentation|Doc Overview] and learn how to insert wiki content and knowledge markup.

!!! Resources and Links

* We have a new website for everything concerning d3web with information for normal users, but also developers. The documentation there is the same as provided here, but might be more up to date and you will also find more general information: []
* Check out our forums at []